Bernie must win California or he’s out

Bernie Sanders California primary

Bernie Sanders is looking forward to next Tuesday’s California primary, which might be his last chance to make an impact in the Democratic nomination process. However, if he fails to obtain a good result, he must put an end to his presidential bid and make Hillary Clinton’s path clear.

According to Politico, several Democratic insiders are putting pressure on the Vermont Senator, something which we’ve heard a lot lately.

It’s over for The Bern

‘If Bernie Sanders stays in the race after losing California, he will be remembered not as a successful champion of progressive ideals but instead as just another narcissistic politician,’ said one insider, quoted by the above-mentioned source.

A California loss for The Bern, combined with Hillary Clinton’s significant advantage, will most likely be the sign that he should suspend his campaign. Of course, he might keep his promise and campaign “until the very last vote”, continuing until the District’s June 14 primary, but the chances of seeing this happen are very low.

“This race has been over for a long time. It’s time for Bernie to prove that he is really a Democrat by getting out of the race and enthusiastically endorsing Hillary Clinton,” said an anonymous Democrat from Florida. “The stakes are too high for Bernie to continue to pretend he has a chance.

It has already been settled: Clinton vs. Trump, November 2016

Currently, Hillary Clinton needs 70 more delegates in order to achieve the number needed to be the Democratic nominee for a spot in the Oval Office. She will definitely achieve this number next week, even before the polls will be closed, so, considering this, it actually doesn’t matter if Bernie Sanders wins or loses in California.

“He should suspend his campaign even if he wins California, because by the time polls close in New Jersey, Secretary Clinton will have clinched the nomination,” a New Hampshire Democrat added.