Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Presidential Tag Team?

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Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Presidential Tag Team?

It would be a liberal dream come true if Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders teamed up with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and even though it’s a longshot, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did.

Sanders is now leading the Democratic presidential hopefuls pack. He’s moved past Hillary Clinton so far that there’s open room for him to now encourage Warren to rethink her political ambitions, and jump into the 2016 presidential race.

Warren has continuously expressed reticence to be a presidential candidate, but that might change if Sanders continues his strong lead. It’s speculated that Clinton’s campaign isn’t going to go anywhere as more controversy over her actions while in office regarding security issues continue to come to light. She’ll be battling that to the last minute and will more than likely have to settle for stepping down, to either a vice presidency position or another cabinet post. It is unlikely that if she can’t get the presidential top spot that she won’t have a chance at the second slot of Vice President. This is where Warren comes in. Warren would make an awesome Vice President as she’s highly effective in debating lawmakers. Warren as Vice President would have the Senate on its toes like never before, and considering the massive amount of history changing legislation ahead, Warren would have that tie breaking vote in her party’s favor.

It will be a few weeks when the decisions have to be made by all contenders if they’re finally going to throw their hats into the presidential ring. Stranger things have happened and Bernie Sanders has been proving it every step of the way.

If the public wants Warren, they have to move fast. They’ll need to bombard her with requests, campaign on her part, use social media and anything they can get their hands on to get Warren to change her mind. Warren hasn’t been specific as to why she doesn’t want the top spots and her excuses so far are disappointing to her public. It would appear that she’s afraid of something that she’s hidden quite well so far. Speculation could be that she’s got a skeleton or two in the closet or that she’s worried about the safety of others.

It will take some doing on the Sanders campaign’s part to woo Warren to the podium and that would add some power to the Democratic agenda. The first woman VP would be another breakthrough for the executive office and perhaps inspire other women to join the political ranks.

Only time will tell as the suspense builds up to September, until then the media and public will be sitting on the edge of their seats as this campaign battle revs up into high gear.

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Greg Boone, a native New Yorker, has worked for such companies such as the Gannet News Service, TimeWarner, America Online to name a few. Boone also works in the field of regenerative medicine, covering the frontiers of stem cell research and treatments for the past 10 years.
  • Josh

    Atm, I’d just love to see her endorse Bernie Sanders. He could use senate support, and a similar voice spreading the word to the American people, FIGHT BACK! After all, WE STAND TOGETHER! Sanders for President!

  • RobertDavidSTEELEVivas

    It is certainly an interesting proposition. However, a single-party ticket with a winner take all Cabinet will still lack the integrity to make decisions in the public interest (party tickets come with party platforms and party promises to big donors). The key to restoring integrity to our electoral system and how we govern ourselves lies with breaking the back of the two-party tyranny that has given us what Matt Taibbi calls Griftopia — the merger of political and financial legalized crime. While I am not convinced that Sanders and Warren are anything other than loyalists to the Griftopia status quo, each a theatrical side show intended to placate the easily fooled progressive dreamers, I would be ENORMOUSLY impressed if the two Senators — along with the inevitable independent ticket of Angus King and Kristen Gillibrand — introduced the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 with the explicit intent of offering the 20-30 seats being vacated in 2016 (ie with no defending incumbent) to the small parties and independents or no party preference candidates. That would restore Article 1 of the Constitution into being and end the current situation in which Members vote the party line and the party sells Member votes as a bloc to one or more of the 40 odd billionaires that USA Today tells us own the Congress.