Bernie Sanders is optimistic ahead of Democratic contests

bernie sanders and hillary clinton

The Democratic primary race heads to the far West this weekend, as presidential contests are scheduled to take place in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

Even though front-runner Hillary Clinton’s chances at winning the party’s nomination are getting bigger and bigger, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be this weekend’s favorite, states CNN Politics.

All three states are favoring Bernie Sanders 

It’s true, there aren’t any public polls to confirm this for the moment, but the Democratic contests in the three states are being conducted with caucuses, a format which has favored the Senator multiple times.

Even more, Bernie Sanders has recently receive several endorsements from influential players, giving his campaign a needed boost.

Alaska, with 16 delegates, and Washington, with 101, are the two states with a white and rural majority, two categories which are expected to give Mr. Sanders the vote.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton enters the weekend with 1,229 delegates (without the 428 delegates that will support her). Considering this, we have all the reasons to believe that she will maintain her position as front-runner, no matter if Bernie Sanders scores some impressive numbers in the Democratic contests.

Washington can decide the Senator’s future

Washington is this weekend’s biggest prize, as big as the Senator’s expectations. Previously, Bernie Sanders has visited the state multiple times, being welcomed very well by the state’s liberal urban centers.

With more than 100 delegates, Washington can be the state able to decide the future of Mr. Sanders’ campaign.

“What this campaign is about is not just a corrupt campaign finance system, it’s a rigged economy,” Sanders told a crowd in Vancouver, Washington.

Hillary Clinton was also campaigning aggressively in Washington and is looking forward to a good result.

“We are on the path to the nomination and I want Washington to be part of how we get there,” Clinton said on Tuesday. “…It’s important to show up at this caucus on Saturday.”