Bernie Sanders: I will win over Trump’s supporters

Sanders to win Trump supporters

Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders said that he believes he can boost his own standing in the Presidential race by making supporters of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to back his campaign. Sen. Bernie Sanders said his plan to win the Democratic nomination includes winning over Donald Trump supporters. Sanders said many of Trump’s supporters have legitimate fears stemming from income inequality that he (Sanders) is best positioned to address. According to the Guardian, Sanders said “What Trump has done with some success has taken that anger, taken those fears, which are legitimate, and converted them into anger against Mexicans, anger against Muslims,” “In my view, that is the not way we are going to address the problems facing this country, the way we address them is we bring our people together.”

 Sanders offer options to Trump’s supporters

Sanders said that many of Trump supporters are “working class people and they are angry” because they are losing their jobs to overseas firms, cannot afford to send their children to college and are working longer hours for lower ages. Senator Sanders said he aims to win over the same group of voters by demanding Congress pass legislation to raise the minimum wage, ensure pay equity for women, and creating new jobs and making college tuition affordable.

Sanders also sent out a release on Sunday saying that Trump is “getting nervous” about working families getting a better understanding of his policies. “Trump insisted on Thursday that the US must keep wages low in order to compete with other countries, one day after he dug in on his assertion that ‘wages are too high’ in America,” Sanders said.

Trump responds to Sanders

According to the New York Post, Donald Trump responded via Twitter to Sanders’ attempt to woo his supporters by tweeting that “@BernieSanders-who blew his campaign when he gave Hillary a pass on her e-mail crime, said that I feel wages in America are too high. Lie!”