Bernie Sanders makes the same mistake. Again!

bernie sanders campaign mistake

All candidates made mistakes during their campaigns, but Bernie Sanders seems to be leading a specific top. No, he’s not the one linked with the most gaffes, but the Vermont Senator repeated the same mistake all over again.

According to The Washington Post, Mr. Sanders was asked this weekend about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s infamous private email server, which she used when she was Secretary of State. and he took a hard pass.

Like expected, The Bern avoided an exact answer

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd wanted to know Bernie Sanders‘ opinion about Hillary Clinton clean bill of health from the FBI requirement, before accepting the Democratic nomination.

“Well, I have said many, many times that I’m trying to run a campaign based on the needs of the American people. And that is raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, paid family and medical leave, making public colleges and universities tuition-free. Those are the issues, by the way, that the American people are deeply concerned about,” the Senator said.

And yes, this is the same answer Bernie Sanders gave multiple times during his campaign for the party’s nomination. Also, this could be one of the reasons which contributed to him constantly being the runner-up.

One details had the power to change the result of his campaign

The only way he could’ve influenced the result of the Democratic nomination process was to mention the Clinton email scandal in his speech as much as possible, in order to convince Democratic voters that she isn’t trustworthy and won’t make a good president. But he avoided this, even after obtaining some great results in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“The American people are sick of hearing about your damn email,” Sanders was saying back in October. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t kept the same attitude towards this issue and Hillary Clinton will most likely be the party’s nominee for the general elections.