Bernie Sanders is pressured to end his campaign

Bernie Sanders pressured to end campaign

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is determined to keep campaigning until July, when the Democratic nominee, at the National Convention in Philadelphia, will be announced. Still, we might see him ending his presidential bid earlier than expected.

Sanders might hurt the Clinton campaign

According to Fox News, a couple of Democratic leaders are putting pressure on Mr. Sanders, in order to make him end his campaign. The main reasons is their concern that his presence might be undermining efforts to beat GOP nominee Donald Trump in the General Elections, says the same source.

These concerns are the result of Bernie Sanders‘ latest wins over front-runner Hillary Clinton, in states like Indiana and West Virginia. Even though the former Secretary of State still maintains a significant advantage, the victories gave Sanders a great momentum, allowing him to be optimistic about the upcoming primaries, in Kentucky and Oregon.

What’s curious is that, until now, neither Hillary Clinton or her supporters have asked Senator Sanders to drop out. However, now that Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination, from a mathematical point of view, they’re questioning Bernie Sanders‘ decision to keep campaigning.

“I would just hope that he would understand that we need to begin consolidating our vote sooner rather than later,” Steve Israel, New York Rep and a Clinton backer said. “Democrats cannot wait too long.”

Fighting on two fronts

Over the past weeks, Hillary Clinton has been focusing on improving her rhetoric on Trump, making it very difficult for her campaign to also focus on Bernie Sanders, so, from this point of view, the pressure put on him makes sense.

Finally, The Bern doesn’t care that much. “Please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton’s problems,” he said in an interview. “It is a steep hill to climb, but we’re going to fight for every last vote.”