Bernie Sanders’ promised reduced mass incarceration without any possible follow-up?

bernie sanders

In his campaign, Democrat Bernie Sanders promised a lot of things, but he seemed sure on one matter; if he’s elected President, it will be the end to the “era of mass incarceration”, according to LA Times. But were those promises based on real facts?

Sanders is the first one to touch this topic

Bernie Sanders wasn’t the first one to start talking about reducing the rate of imprisonment. Hillary Clinton began demanding actions to stop the hugely expensive incarceration budgets almost from the day she launched her campaign. Sen. Rand Paul and Gov. Chris Christie were on the same page. But only one man claimed that for sure he can make things better for the imprisonment system.

“I don’t make a whole lot of promises, but here is one I will make to you: If elected president, by the time I end my first term, this country will not have more people in jail than any other country.”, said Bernie Sanders earlier this month at Simpson College. That was a big vow, considering the fact that his possible solutions seem pretty weak. Raising the minimum wage, eradicating youth unemployment and legalizing marijuana would substantially reduce the flow of Americans into the prison system, stated Sanders, says the same source.

What will happen with over 500,000 prisoners then?

According to recent figures, there are 2,2 million people in American prisons, and Bernie Sanders is planning to cut the number by more than half a million.

But the Democratic candidate doesn’t seem to take notice of other aspect. 54% of the men in state prisons in 2013 were violent offenders convicted of such crimes as murder, rape and robbery. So most of them aren’t there just for selling a joint and they probably ain’t the people most voters want to see free on the street.