Bernie Sanders, to receive one of hid biggest endorsements yet

bernie sanders endorsement

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is expect to receive endorsement from the Communications Workers of America union, a move that should have a huge impact on his campaign for the White House, states CNBC.

The group has almost 700,000 members nationwide and it could become the largest union to back Sanders until now. The announcement will be made this Thursday, during a conference held at the union’s headquarters from Washington.

A great plus for Bernie, in his ‘battle’ with Hillary Clinton

This move is a breathe of fresh air for Bernie Sanders, who lost an important amount of endorsers in favor of the main Democratic competitor Hillary Clinton, who is currently relying on the support of 12 million workers from various unions.

According to Larry Cohen, former Communications Workers of America president, he joined Sanders’ campaign in June, when he stepped down from his position. Therefore, the announcement was just a matter of time, as the union was linked with it for months. Still, it didn’t happened until all members voted in an online poll.

Throwback to Obama’s ’08 campaign

It’s the first time since 2008 when the union issues an endorsement, when the Democratic ‘battle’ for the White House was between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Also, it can be considered a great move for Bernie Sanders, as the Democrat has just two members of Congress on his side.

Currently, Communications Workers of America has more than 300,000 active and retired members, so their support for will count a lot. Bernie Sanders even welcomed the news with a message:

“Brothers and sisters, let me thank the 700,000 members of the Communications Workers of America for their strong support,” he said in a statement. “For decades you’ve been fighting for the rights of working families and I’m so proud today to be with you in that fight.”