Bernie Sanders, underestimated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign

bernie sanders vs hillary clinton

When it comes to the Democratic race for the White House, most sources and polls are pointing to Hillary Clinton as the front-runner, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders still has a lot to say.

The Iowa results, essential for the nomination

According to The New York Times, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign advisers, including her husband, former President Bill Clinton, consider that they have made serious miscalculations and failed to undercut Bernie Sanders‘ message. Now, the Senator has very big chances of beating her in Iowa and New Hampshire, says the same source.

Democrats close to the Clinton campaign claim that the results in Iowa can be influenced by a wave of first-time voters and liberals. Considering this, her advisers should improve the strength of the campaign’s data modeling and turnout assumptions in Iowa, otherwise, the risk of dealing with a situation similar to the one from 2008, when she lost against Barack Obama, is very big.

As for Bernie Sanders, his campaign is currently working at what’s expected to be a very contentious debate on Sunday night. Hillary Clinton is concerned about her “rational message”, which isn’t necessary adequate for a restless Democratic primary electorate.

Bernie Sanders seems to be the more appealing candidate

The Vermont Senator is able to connect with voters, through an emotional and inspiring discourse, claiming that the American economic and political systems are rigged just for the wealthy and powerful. As for Mrs. Clinton’s discourse, it does nothing but question Mr. Sanders’ ideas.

Recent polls show that a lot of voters are questioning Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness and whether she does care about their problems. Finally, she was definitely not prepared to see Bernie Sanders gaining so much popularity between young voters and independents, especially women, whom she initially relied a lot on.

Currently, we can only wait for this weekend debate and see which one of the candidates manages to improve their current standings.