Bernie Sanders visits Brookland Baptist Church

Bernie Sanders visited Brookland Baptist Church

Even though he lost this weekend’s Nevada caucus to Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has no time to waste, as this Sunday afternoon he visited the Brookland Baptist Church’s congregation, in West Columbia.

According to CNN Politics, the Democratic presidential candidate had a word with a mostly African-American crowd and, of course, took photos with his supporters and hugged children.

Big words from NAACP head Ben Jealous

The same source mentions that Bernie Sanders was also joined at the church by Jane Sanders, his wife, and Ben Jealous, the former NAACP leader, known for endorsing the Senator.

“This is the most important place in the country right now,” Ben Jealous told the crowd. “And you are the most important voters in the country right now. And there are people who will say to you, there’s a dreamer who’s running for president. And his dreams are so big, y’all shouldn’t dream that big. But in our community when they say, ‘Don’t dream big,’ we say, ‘Yes we can.’ And so I ask you ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to dream big?”

Aiming to win the African-American community

Before Bernie Sanders started his discourse, Mr. Jealous said that the Senator is the only candidate who is ready to fight against racism, militarism and greed.

“This is America, we should not be having more people in jail, largely African-American and Latino, than any other country on earth. So one of the points I have tried to make, we are going to invest in education and jobs … not more jails, not more incarceration,” Sanders added.

Of course, the main reason behind Bernie Sanders‘ visit was the upcoming Democratic primary from South Carolina, scheduled for February 27, a crucial event for his campaign, right before the Super Tuesday.

“There is going to be an important primary here in South Carolina. The country will be looking at South Carolina. I’m here to ask for your help, to help lead this country in a political revolution,” Bernie Sanders said.