Bernie Sanders wants to continue Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

bernie sanders birmingham alabama

Even though he was surpassed by Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Debate, from pretty much every point of view, Bernie Sanders continues his campaign, focusing on one of his main issues: the ability to connect with black voters.

This Monday, during a large-scale rally held in Birmingham, Alabama, the Democrat addressed to a crowd of over 7,000 participants, promising that his agenda is build upon the vision of Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights icon, as stated by The Washington Post.

Bernie Sanders wants to bring economic justice

King’s purpose was to fight for civil right and help poor people, regardless of race, said the Vermont Senator.  “The fight for economic justice is exactly what this campaign is about,” Sanders said, promising to fight to carry on King’s “radical and bold vision for America.”

“It is absolutely imperative that we see his life not as a museum piece … to be kept on a shelf,” Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, added.

Alabama is currently one of the 11 states with primaries or caucuses scheduled for March 1. This day is also known as being vital for the Democratic Nomination.

“I was there!”

Bernie Sanders opened his rally claiming that he was present in August 1963, when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his already iconic “I Have a Dream” Speech, in Washington. “I was there at the March on Washington, and I can remember the day in my mind’s eye,” Sanders said. He called it a day that “left a lasting impression.”

He also made a reference to one of King’s most famous lines, related to the intersection of racial and economic justice: “What good is having the right to sit at a lunch counter if you can’t afford to buy a hamburger?”, basically talking about some of his own proposals, if elected as President.