Bernie wants another role for superdelegates

bernie sanders wants to limit superdelegates influence

Even though he announced that he’s endorsing Hillary Clinton and will do everything possible in order to make sure that she will become President, Bernie Sanders still has one front that he’s fighting on: superdelegates.

After it was clear enough that he doesn’t have the required support to win the nomination, the Vermont Senator decided that endorsing Hillary would be a good idea, as he could use his party influence to obtain what he wants in some way or another.

Dragging Hillary’s campaign to the left?

According to CS Monitor, Bernie Sanders was after obtaining a $15 national minimum wage, stricter regulations on fracking, and a public option in Obamacare. However, now he wants to continue pushing his platform at the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for next month, in Philadelphia, with one big purpose: changing the system of superdelegates.

“We have some serious concerns, and I expect some of those concerns may wind up on the floor of the convention,” Bernie Sanders said in an interview for The Washington Post.

Superdelegates are basically free to support any candidate they want in the nomination process, their group consisting in party leaders, elected officials, senators, representatives and governors.

It’s not a secret that this group had a big role in allowing Hillary Clinton to reach the number of delegates required to clinch the nomination. What Bernie Sanders wants is to reduce their numbers and influence in the nomination process and he will present his proposition on July 25.

Democrats need unity!

Of course, his idea attracted a lot of criticism, as a lot of observers claim that this is far from what the Democrats need right now, when they should be united and focus on Hillary’s campaign.

Even more, Bernie wants to allow independents as well as Democrats to vote in all state primaries and caucuses, encouraging some states that hold caucuses to expand voting hours, so more people can cast their options.