Bevin gives carson polls support

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Bevin gives carson polls support
Bevin gives carson polls support

Matt Bevin, during a radio debate on Wednesday, snubbed Rand Paul when asked who he feels would be the likely winner of upcoming presidential election in 2016. He stated, “Of those still in the race right now, I like Ben Carson,” he said during the debate “He’s not taking shots at people . He’s intelligent. He’s articulate. He’s respected”
Bevin quickly took to twitter to take back his words when he tweeted later that he is not giving anyone supports during the polls. “Not endorsing …anyone for POTUS.” “ if I did would #StandWithRand” , he wrote, adding an hashtag in support of Paul’s campaign.
It is however believed that Bevin has gotten himself under fire after one Kentucky GOP insider revealed their disgust towards the action of Bevin. He said “First, Bevin refuses to raise money into the [republican party of Kentucky]. He’s actually raised little money at all, then he picks a fight with the Republican governors association, he went into Democrat party headquarters and screamed at a secretary. Now, he sticks his thumb in Rand’s eye for no good reason”. He also added, as shown in his own words that “Its unbelievably incompetent; it’s like he’s trying to lose.”
It was however revealed that there had been plans for Bevin to attend a rally alongside Paul on Saturday. The forthcoming event was announced just two hours before Bevin declared his support for Carson.
Source: politico