Biden Trip to Florida Raises Speculation About Presidential Run


There have been speculations about Vice President Biden’s presidential candidacy. His political future remains uncertain. However, the wave of contemplation will end when he travels to South Florida which is one of the richest grounds of campaign fundraisings.

For quite some time Mr. Biden’s adviser and his office have been mum whether his Wednesday trip to Florida would pave way for presidential aspirations. However, his schedule has nonpresidential explanations.


He is set to have a meeting at the Jewish Community Center on Thursday to discuss the US nuclear deal with Iran. He is also set to give a speech at Miami Dade College which will be a $10,000 fundraiser for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Mr. Biden is also scheduled to give a speech at the Atlanta synagogue on Thursday night on foreign affairs.

Democratic Party political consultant said, “I don’t know if Joe Biden runs for president, but I wouldn’t read a lot into the tea leaves from him going to South Florida.” Indeed Biden has made more than 30 visits to Florida since 2009. This time his intentions remain unclear.

Advisers have made a deadline slip saying the 1st of October would be likely date for him to make the announcement. The first Democratic debate will be on October 13th. Whether Biden will drop any hints in Florida or not still remains a speculation.