Bill Clinton talks about his role as the President’s husband

hillary and bill clinton

We all remember Hillary Clinton’s declaration from the primaries, claiming that her husband, Bill Clinton, is her secret weapon that will help her defeat Donald Trump. As the general elections are getting close, the former president is now talking about his role as a potential first man.

The Secret Weapon is ready to return at the White House

According to CNN, Bill Clinton says he’d do “whatever he’s asked to do” if Hillary Clinton is elected president. In an interview, he also added that his own wishes are the last thing Hillary’s campaign should worry about.

“First and foremost, I should do whatever I’m asked to do,” Mr. Clinton said. “That is, if Hillary wins I’d be both a former president and a spouse. So I think I should make those roles as consistent as possible by saying to the president and the senior advisers, whatever you want me to do, I will do. I should do that.”

Since 2001, when he left the White House, Bill Clinton has been in charge with the Clinton Foundation, but he now seems to be ready for a new term, but as the President’s husband. “I should serve. I’ve had a wonderful life for the last 15 years, and this is the longest I’ve ever had a job.”

Puerto Rico, one of Bill Clinton’s targets

He also mentioned that he would like to solve the bankruptcy problems from Puerto Rico, as Native Americans should diversify their economies and help the country make the transition to a green economy, CNN adds.

“There are lots of things I could do. I’d like to be sent to all these places that have been left out and left behind,” Bill Clinton said. “I believe this country is so close to being able to really grow again in a way that lifts everybody.”