Bob Dole wants Trump as President


Bob Dole, the former Arkansas governor and Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 1996 said on Wednesday that Ted Cruz at the top of the GOP ticket would mean “wholesale losses” for the party in Washington and across the country. “I don’t know how he’s going to deal with Congress,” Dole said “Nobody likes him.” Dole according to usatoday believes Cruz as a Republican candidate will make the party lose to the democratic party, especially if hillary Clinton becomes the flag bearer.

Dole prefers Trump as president

Bob Dole believes that Cruz is not living up to the ideology of the Republican party and should not be the GOP candidate. Dole told MSNBC that he might oversleep and not vote next November were Cruz the Republican nominee. He said Donald Trump would “probably work with Congress,” because he’s “kind of a deal maker.” Dole characterized Cruz as an “extremist” unwilling to work with his own party. A Cruz aide sought to capitalize on Dole’s take on the race by branding him as an “establishment icon” who favored Trump over the Texas senator — an effort to cast Cruz as the true outsider candidate in the field.

Dole says Bush isn’t doing it right yet

Bob Dole is in support of the ambition of the former Florida governor but believes he’s not doing it right. Dole lamented Wednesday that Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor he supports for president, still “needs to break out,” and that moderate Republicans seem to have had a tougher time reaching voters this cycle. He believes there’s no other candidate that can stop Cruz from getting the nomination other than the controversial businessman, Donald Trump, not even Jeb Bush that he supports. Recently, Trump is getting endorsements from different quarters. “I think it’s Trump,” Dole said. Should Hillary Clinton take on Cruz in a general election, she’d win easily, he said.