CABINET RESHUFFLE: Duncan steps down

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Arne Duncan has been confirmed to be vacating his post as education secretary this December.
According to reports president Obama as appointed Education Department official John King jr. as acting secretary to see out the end of his tenure.
Duncan who has spent seven years in the present administration stated in a mail he sent his staff, that he is returning to Chicago to live with his family. He also said he isn’t sure of his next step but hopes his future will “continue to involve the work of expanding opportunity for children.”
However according to a White House official who pleaded anonymity, John King jr. will assume the post of Education Secretary and run the Department in an acting capacity till the end of Obama’s administration which is going to be due in early 2017 after the presidential elections.
Duncan who is just one of a few remaining members of Obama’s cabinet said in an email he sent to department officials; “John comes to this role with a record of exceptional accomplishment as lifelong educator, a teacher, a school leader and a leader of school systems.”
He once got himself under fire in 2014 showing little patience for criticism of his program and standard and calling critics “ white suburban moms who all of a sudden- their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary” he later came out to say he regretted the “clumsy phrasing.”
Source:Fox news