Can Bill Clinton help his wife win in New Hampshire?

bill clinton to help hillary win new hampshire

Back in 1992, Bill Clinton started being known as the “comeback kid”, after a spectacular New Hampshire clash, which assured him the second place in the primary, after Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas. But is his experience enough to help his wife, Hillary Clinton, win against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders?

According to USA Today, the situation is relatively similar in 2016, , Mrs. Clinton facing a challenge from a popular rival, from a neighboring state.

The ‘secret weapon’ is back

Bernie Sanders accused Hillary Clinton of arranging “unfair” trade deals, like NAFTA, the end of Glass-Steagall Act anti-trust laws and the Defense of Marriage Act, which opposes gay marriage, as stated by the same source. But Senator Sanders forgot that Bill Clinton is the one who owns these policies.

“This is my closing case. It really is so much like 1992 on steroids,” the former president said on Sunday, at Keene Middle School. Also, in Milford, Bill Clinton attacked Bernie Sanders directly, criticizing his campaign proposals.

Still, despite these critics, Bernie Sanders is currently leading the polls and everybody is expecting big things from him in New Hampshire. As for Hillary Clinton, she can’t rely on the voters which helped her win back in 2008, as over the past years, the state welcomed new residents whose voting preferences are unknown, not to mention that a lot of the voters are young. And we do known who young voters prefer, right? The Bern.

Mr. Clinton has a tough mission

Considering this, there’s one big question left: what social category can Bill Clinton convince that his wife is a better choice than Mr. Sanders? White working-class men, of course. To be more specific, the former president is hoping that he can convince some nostalgics about those years the the U.S. had a prosper economy to forget about Bernie and opt for Hillary. But it’s hard to believes that New Hampshire voters will remember that period…