Can South Carolina decide Ted Cruz’s future?

ted cruz south carolina

Republican candidate Ted Cruz is already looking forward to his upcoming clashes with the GOP front-runner Donald Trump and has developed a theory about the events from the upcoming weeks.

Looking forward to a Iowa win

According to CNN Politics, his campaign team believes that he will edge out Mr. Trump in Iowa, while New Hampshire won’t be a success. Still, by the third week of February, he won’t have any issues in winning the “two-man race” and be the party’s nominee for the White House race.

A vital point in his journey will be the debate from South Carolina, which could cement the nomination.

“In most prior elections, Iowa and New Hampshire split. They go for different candidates,” Ted Cruz said on Saturday. “South Carolina historically has had the role of picking presidents.”

During his speech, the Republican adopted a surprising attitude, unthinkable a week ago, mocking Donald Trump and presenting his South Carolina supporters the outline of what is likely to be his argument until the polls on February 20.

“Any candidate on that stage, no matter how much you like them when they’re campaigning, if they haven’t stood and fought,” Cruz told a Tea Party audience at an event in Myrtle Beach. “You can know to an absolute fact that they wouldn’t do so as president either,” he added.

Trump loves Twitter way too much

This weekend, Ted Cruz also added the he actually likes Trump, even though he’s an “incredible marketer” and a “talented entertainer”. Finally, he also told reporters that Trump’s frustration might be well-placed, but he is “springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic response to the latest polls”.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results from South Carolina, on February 20, in order to see which one of the candidates made his message clearer.