Can Ted Cruz’s not-so-secret weapon affect his campaign?

heidi and ted cruz

Including your spouse in the presidential campaign isn’t something new in the U.S., as a couple of candidates tried this ‘technique’. We’re talking about Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican Ted Cruz, both of them implying their partners, in order to obtain at least an image boost.

If Mrs. Clinton husband, former President Bill Clinton, was called her secret-weapon and had an important effect on her campaign, the same thing can’t be said about Heidi Cruz, the Texas Senator’s 43-years old wife. At least not for the moment, that is.

The critics came immediately

One of the main reasons why she could have a negative impact on Ted Cruz‘s campaign is her link with the Goldman group, which is beginning to distract from her husband’s populist message, according to The Los Angeles Times. Mr. Cruz likes to call himself a crusader against the moneyed interests of Washington and Wall Street, says the same source.

“He is in bed w/Wall St. & is funded by Goldman Sachs/Citi, low interest loans,” Republican front-runner Donald Trump tweeted recently. He was referring to the loan Ted Cruz contracted from Goldman and Citibank, during his campaign for the Senate, back in 2012, and the fact that he didn’t report properly the money to the Federal Election Commission.

Also, this isn’t the first time when Mrs. Cruz’s workplace was mentioned by Ted Cruz‘s critics. When the Senator attacked the Affordable Care Act, everybody said that he was covered by his wife’s health coverage from Goldman, which lead to her resignation. Shortly after, Ted Cruz signed up for Obamacare.

Mrs. Cruz, a powerful personality

A lot of those who know Heidi Cruz declared that they wouldn’t have been surprise if she had entered public life. “I would’ve thought that she would have wanted to be the politician, rather than be the politician’s wife,” said Maureen Downey, who knew her from the Claremont McKenna College.

Finally, if Ted Cruz‘s decision to imply his wife in the race for the White House was a good decision or not we can only tell next week, after the Iowa caucuses.