“Angry” candidates favorite to win the Republican race

Republican race candidates

Americans seem to have lost faith in their leaders, at least in the old-fashion ones. This anger and disappoitment in the government has turn the citizens’ attention towards candidates as angry as them, says CNN. That’s why Donald Trump or Ben Carson have big chances to win the Republican race.

Donald Trump is currently leading the polls

Traditional candidates had the door shut in their faces as outsider candidates like Donald Trump have moved to the top of polls, thanks to this feelings developed by Americans in recent years. The surge of distrust in Washington isn’t aimed only at Democratic administration of President Barack Obama but GOP leaders as well, confirms the same source.

This anti-goverment behaviour has surely helped one candidate: Donald Trump. With every ocassion he gets, the businessman aims attacks on political correctness and personal swipes at rival candidates. That’s why he’s on top of the Republican race, because people resonate with his believes.

Not your average presidential campaign

Branding undocumented immigrants from Mexico, rapists and criminals and backing a database for Muslims in the United States proposals could have ended a more traditional campaign, but not Trump’s, as citizens more and more scared of the “outside” world want a leader that can ensure them their safety.

A Pew poll shows that candidates like Trump who seem to have a personal battle with the government have every political reason to do so, says CNN. The poll suggests that 89% of Republicans said they rarely trust the federal government, while among Democrats, that number is 72%. It looks like every candidate that is seen as part of the system is doomed to lose.

Though Rubio and Cruz are sitting senators, both have tried to distance themselves from Washington as they’ve seen that this is the only way to have a chance in winning the Republican race.