Carly Fiorina Holds Her Own

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina Holds Her Own

Rising from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix, GOP contender and former Hewlett-Packard exec, Carly Fiorina showed she could hold her own with the big boys during the recent Republican debate.

Many of the public still had no idea who she was or why she was on the ticket, but as she bantered with the rest at the podiums, she showed quick witted skills and an ability to take any shot sent her way.

She even put GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in check, which is something of an accomplishment to say the least.

Fiorina isn’t without controversy. Opponents are quick to bring up her tumultuous tenure as Hewlett-Packard executive and her company’s sales of merchandise to Iran during a time when it was against the law via Executive Order. Add to that her rough personality and hasty business decisions led to her being fired from the company with a record of some great advances and some not so.

The key point here is that Fiorina is the only woman present on the GOP ticket. She’s shown that she can manage herself under pressure and deliver key data without the drama and foolishness that the other candidates are notorious for. She didn’t let Trump get under her skin and she sent out a message to others that Trump isn’t so big an obstacle to her as he and the media might have assumed.

That scored points for her and she’s now on the map big time. She’s got to keep the momentum going in order to gain even stronger footing. She can’t afford to entertain any ad hominem attacks, nor baited questioning from journalists. She has to stick to the issues of concern and emphasize the need for leadership and management the country can depend on.

The 2016 election run has turned up more surprises at every turn. Contenders thought to be shoe-ins have fallen by the wayside as left field candidates seem to have come out of nowhere to put the establishment in check. Trump, Bernie Sanders, and now Carly Fiorina are showing that there is hope for people who don’t walk the safe and narrow route can reach the spotlight and upend the status quo.

Republicans will now take notice of her. They’ll want to marshal her skills and notoriety to their goals, one of which is to keep Hillary Clinton at bay. It won’t take Fiorina to do that, but they’ll need her none the less.

The heat will be on Fiorina for the duration of the race to the official nominee. The GOP has had women before, but not like Fiorina. She’ll be interesting to watch.