Carson rebuffs claims that he’s taking time out to promote his book


GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has rebuffed claims that he as abandoned his presidential campaign to promote his new book. The book titled, “A More Perfect Union,” which was released on Oct. 6 and was co-written by Ben Carson and his wife Candy Carson.

It was reported by ABC News on Thursday that beyond private fund-raising events, Carson was taking “two more weeks” off from the campaign trail to focus on the book, “A More Perfect Union.”

The ABC News report stated that Carson’s campaign likes to maintain a bright line between the book promotion and his GOP bid, and that aside private fund-raisers, he would not be making any public campaign appearances until the next CNBC-sponsored Republican debate which is scheduled for Oct. 28.

But on Friday Carson fired back on calling the ABC News report “carelessly false”.
“In the next three weeks, I have 25 fund-raisers, a national debate, several public appearances and dozens of book signings from Texas to Iowa,” he wrote to his supporters on Facebook. “I don’t see any time off in the coming three weeks.”
Ben Carson spokesman Doug Watts said Carson has been raking in the donations, raising $3 million so far in October, and has been ever present in the media throughout the month.
“He’s been on TV. I think Wednesday through Friday I got sick of looking at him on TV,” Watts stated . “So it’s pretty hard to suggest that he’s not out and about. Whether you make a distinction of it as a campaign thing or not.”

Source : Fox News