Carson Slights Muslims as Fiorina Closes in on Trump in Polls


Donald Trump is still ahead of his rivals after last week’s debate. However, Carly Fiorina managed to jump into the second lace while Marco Rubio and Ben Carson are in double digits. This is according to the latest polls.

The polls also revealed a scrambled Republican race as both Carson and Trump are facing lots of criticism concerning their comments about Muslims.

fiorina_carson_0_1430728534Trump, who has managed to top a series of the GOP for a couple of weeks, has 24% in the latest ORC survey followed by Carly Fiorina at 15%, Ben Caron comes in third at 14% while Rubio is at 11%.

The poll respondents also revealed that Fiorina was the winner of last week’s debate which was sponsored by CNN at the Reagan presidential library at Simi Valley. Trump, who has been garnering more than 30% in some of the polls, believes that the recent debate boosted his standing.

The son of former presidents, Jeb Bush came in fifth in the latest polls with 9% followed by Ted Cruz 6%, Mike Huckabee 6%, Rand Paul 4%, Chris Christie 3%, John Kasich 2% and Rick Santorum 1%. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who is seen as a major force in the Republican nominations, managed less than 1% according to the survey conducted by CNN.