Carson: Trump needs to face that fear

ben carson and donald trump

Former Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, chief rival of Donald Trump for the GOP nomination says many Americans are scared of Muslims following the activities of the bad eggs.
According to the Telegraph, Carson said despite the fear, Americans must be open about it to ensure change.
Radical Islam-inspired acts of terrorism leading to the loss of lots of innocent people has left many in fear of Muslims all around the world.
Fear can be a gift in terms of self-preservation. Carson being a Doctor knows being in a constant state of paranoia could reduce the value of fear as a life saving instinct. This is because our body can’t distinguish imminent danger from regular situation.

Fear shouldn’t allow ignoring values that made America the world’s leading voice for peace and prosperity.

Leading GOP candidate, Donald Trump made some surprising contradictory statements saying he has Muslims friends, that he would bring them into his cabinet yet he calls for a total and complete ban on Muslims in the next breath.
That’s the situation many find themselves, caring much for political correctness. Certain things are referred to as ideals as it is challenging to carry out in the face of fear.
America would have to acknowledge the crossroads that exist and create safe spaces to discuss these issues.

There is a blanket fear for Islam and there is a need to engage the Muslim world now

Carson is if the opinion that America is in “a unique position to offer global civilization that respects the rights of human beings, that is tolerant of religious beliefs, and that is capable of harnessing diversity to create strong, robust societies.”