Chris Christie criticizes editorial on gun control

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christ christie on face the nation

In the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, there were a lot of talks about the gun control policy in the United States, with a lot of people, including presidential candidates, sharing various opinions on this topic. One of them was Republican Chris Christie, who recently criticized an editorial published in the New York Times, calling for stricter gun control laws.

During the “Face the Nation” show on CBS, Christie characterized the editorial as a “typical liberal claptrap from the New York Times.” Also, the Republican didn’t stop to this.

Not everybody should be able to carry a gun!

“The fact is that what we need to be focused on here are two issues: taking criminals who commit crimes with handguns and putting them in jail. And we have to work on our mental health system in this country to give doctors and caregivers greater latitude to involuntarily commit folks who have mental health issues and who don’t want to take their medication and help themselves,” Chris Christie added.

According to CBS News, the New York Times editorial condemned the officials “whose job is to keep us safe but who place a higher premium on the money and political power of an industry dedicated to profiting from the unfettered spread of ever more powerful firearms.”

Is Obama the one to blame?

During his interview, Chris Christie criticized both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well, for a premature pivot to gun control. He claimed that right after the shootings, they called this a gun control issue.

Finally, he mentioned a solution, which, in his opinion, would be the best for this situation and that is enhanced government surveillance. Of course, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, the two senators supporting the bill that limited government surveillance tools introduced after 9/11 weren’t forgotten by Chris Christie.