Chris Christie has an opinion on 9/11 different than Trump’s

Chris Christie

Republican candidate Donald Trump managed to shock the media a bit over the last days, after claiming that he saw “thousands of thousands of people cheering” in New Jersey, as soon as the World Trade Center towers collapsed on 9/11.

Like expected, some of the candidates for the White House came with their personal opinion on this statement, one of them being Chris Christie, fellow republican and New Jersey governor.

“I do not remember that.”

According to, he told the press that he simply doesn’t recall such things, even though the moment was very emotional for him, since his wife, Mary Pat, was working in lower Manhattan at the time.

“It was a pretty emotional time for me because, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s family involved, there were, you know, friends involved and so it was a pretty harrowing time,” Chris Christie said. “I do not remember that, and so it’s not something that was part of my recollection. I think if it had happened, I would remember it, but, you know, there could be things I forget, too.”

Also, Chris Christie isn’t the only one stating that there wasn’t any cheering in New Jersey during those horrific moments. The Washington Post also stated that an article published on September 18, 2001, in the Star-Ledger, proved that the rumors of “rooftop celebrations of the attack by Muslims” were unfounded.

“Donald Trump has memory issues!”

Even more, the actual mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop, had an even more acid commentary regarding Mr. Trump’s statement, saying on Twitter that “Either @realDonaldTrump has memory issues or willfully distorts the truth, either of which should be concerning for the Republican Party”

Of course, we’re looking forward to a comeback from Donald Trump, after both governor Chris Christie and Mayor Fulop didn’t agree with his opinion.