Christopher A. Wray, confirmed as next FBI director

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This Tuesday, the US Senate confirmed, after an overwhelming vote, Christopher A. Wray as the next FBI director, filling the position that has been vacant since May, when James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump.

As you probably know, Comey’s firing led to serious accusations aimed at Donald Trump, blaming him of trying to impede the bureau’s investigation of Russia’s implication in the 2016 presidential election.

Not impressed by any potential pressures

Christopher A. Wray is a former senior Justice Department official, known for his low-key demeanor, according to The Washington Post. The same source reveals that during his confirmation, he also told lawyers that he would never pledge loyalty to the president. Also, if he will ever be forced to drop an investigation, the resignation will shortly come.

It looks like this declaration gained him the trust of the Senate Judiciary Committee members, who approved his nomination, urging their colleagues to confirm him in position, with 92 votes to 5. As a side note, the 5 votes against his nomination came from Democratic lawmakers.

No loyalty pledges towards the President

“He told the committee that he won’t condone tampering with investigations, and that he would resign rather than be unduly influenced in any manner. Mr. Wray’s record of service, and his reputation, give us no reason to doubt him,” said Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), the panel’s chairman. “He made no loyalty pledges then, and I expect him never to make such a pledge moving forward,” he added.

Before holding this position, Christopher A. Wray also worked with James Comey at the Justince Department, during George W. Bush’s terms in the White House, being in charge with the criminal division.