CIA email hacker pushed for free palestine

Head of CIA Email Hacked by Teenager
Head of CIA Email Hacked by Teenager

Details are already emerging about the method and motivations that drove the alleged hacker of CIA Director John Brennan’s personal AOL email account, with the supposed hacktivist identifying himself on Twitter as an advocate for a “free” Palestinian state and also claiming he and others broke in simply by fooling a Verizon agent.

He also praised Allah in his Twitter account .
However, questions are already being raised about Brennan potentially having sent work-related emails through his personal email account, a decision one tech expert called “just plain stupid.” And if any work-related emails were sent containing classified information, it could pose a legal problem similar to the one Hillary Clinton is presently facing.
The hacker as been said to have used “social engineering” rather than traditional hacking to break into the email, and also stated that he and two other people, after discovering Brennan was a Verizon customer, posed as a Verizon technician to trick another Verizon employee into giving them access to the company’s customer database however It’s unclear to what extent Brennan may have used the AOL account for work-related assignments.
“[Hackers] learn the jargon and pose as line workers or switch operators and get access to restricted areas of the network,” Roger Kay, of Endpoint Technologies Associates, said. “Security at AOL and other networks is reasonable, but weak passwords can always be cracked, and password recovery schemes are typically based on information about people stored from questions like ‘What was the name of your first pet?’”

Kay also added that, if the claims are true, the breach shows poor accesment from the man in charge of the nation’s central intelligence.

“The CIA director was just plain stupid to use a common service like AOL for sensitive communications. He really should have known better,” Kay said.

“Nothing says security like AOL,” Wright said.

Source: Fox News