CIA: Yes, Hillary’s Email Contained ‘Top Secret’ Intelligence; Campaign ‘Disagrees


Hillary Clinton has in the past blithely insisted that having unsecure email server violated no rules. However, the facts beg to differ. Intelligence reviews confirm that indeed Clinton received highly sensitive material on her private servers.

During her time as the Secretary of State she received intelligence on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Senior intelligence officials have also affirmed that the emails contained classified intelligence when they were received by Mrs. Clinton.

However, her campaign and State Department has since disputed some of the findings made by inspector general  that the emails were over classified by an arbitrary process. The CIA has also confirmed that the emails were top secret when they were sent to her in 2009 and 2011.

With Clinton being a presidential candidate with the Democratic Party she is struggling to retain her approval rates and get better results in the polls. Her lawyer deleted over 30,000 emails that she claims were mainly of personal nature. Distraction complaints of Clinton continue to escalate and she is gearing up to another image reboot.

Clinton’s campaign has since disagreed with the CIA findings. It is no doubt that her presidential bid might be hanging on a thread. She has since said she is sorry the email issue is a bit confusing to people. Aside from the email server scandal there will be a whole new set of efforts which will be aimed at bringing down her candidacy.