Clinton email probe documents, handed to Congress by the FBI

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clinton email investigation handed to congress

The Clinton email scandal ended a few weeks ago, with no charges being pressed against the former Secretary of State. However, this doesn’t mean that the FBI will forget about the investigation.

Only selected information was given to the Congress

According to ABC News, the Bureau provided interview notes and other materials related to the investigation to certain members of Congress, in an unprecedented move. The House Oversight Committee also received documents related to the scandal, in order to be reviewed.

“The FBI has turned over a ‘number of documents’ related to their investigation of former Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email server. Committee staff is currently reviewing the information that is classified SECRET. There are no further details at this time,” a committee spokesperson said.

This move comes after important House Republicans on Capitol Hill asked FBI Director James Comey to make public investigation files from the Clinton email scandal, after initially expressing their disapproval regarding the conclusion of the case.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t agree with FBI’s move though, claiming that the Democratic nominee would prefer the materials to be “released in-full” for the public, instead of giving pieces to the Congress, allowing Republicans to release them publicly in order to attack her.

It will be very hard for the GOP to access the documents

However, the documents are classified, so access to them will be controlled by the FBI. Also, transcripts from Clinton’s interviews won’t be included!

“The entire interview … was focused on, ‘So, what did you know, what did you see, what is this document,’ that kind of thing,” James Comey told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

This announcement will definitely make Donald Trump happy, after he asked Hillary Clinton to release the over 30,000 emails she deleted from her private server, claiming that they were personal. The businessman also asked Russian hackers publicly to start searching these emails, in order to be “rewarded mightily” by the U.S. press.