Clinton to supporters: say no to hateful rants of republicans


Former U.S. secretary of state and democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has used the just concluded Republican debate held in Las Vegas on Tuesday, to warn her supporters that they should reject the “hateful words” of her rivals, appealing instead to reason.

According to the Telegraph, Hillary Clinton was quoted to have said that the “Republican candidates, on stage in Las Vegas, are promoting hateful words and extreme suggestions”, as she provides live commentary on the debate. The former New York senator and former first lady relishes joining in the Republican debates from the sidelines, and began her stream of Twitter commentary as soon as the Las Vegas debate kicked off. She gave an early smack on the nine contending candidates on stage, who used the first stage of the debate to speak about security and monitoring of Muslims and immigrants. “Hateful words and extreme suggestions run contrary to our values,” she said. “We need serious leadership.”

The familiar and useful propaganda

Hillary Clinton tweeted the message first in Spanish, before doing same in English. This is one of her familiar technique of reaching out and appealing for support from Hispanic voters during the debates. The Telegraph reports that experts believe she should have little trouble winning the Latino vote from Donald Trump, Chris Christie or Ben Carson, but she could face have a serious threat from Cruz and Rubio, both the sons of Cuban immigrants.

Clinton also minced no words in calling out the GOP politicians for their heartless response to the Syrian refugee families trying to escape the violence that has destroyed their home country. Trump has refused to back down on his plans to ban Muslims from the country and build a wall with Mexico. similarly, over 28 Republican governors have so far called for an end to the settlement of Syrian refugees in their states.

American voters have more open options

Hours before the debate, Mrs Clinton was outlining her strategy for defeating the Islamic State: emphasising technology, diplomacy and cooperation. According to Politicusa, Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama, is seeking to hold true to American values, by welcoming people in need, fleeing a war zone. Her position contrasts sharply with that of the Republican presidential candidates who have allowed fear and bigotry consume them. Hence, American voters in 2016 will have an opportunity to decide which version of America they prefer: a land of hope and opportunity or a land where fear and hate prevail over reason and compassion.