Clinton : VP Position not an Option


Hillary Clinton during a town hall event broadcast on NBC’s “Today,” has rejected the notion of her taking the spot of the vice-president.

Carson Daly the anchor of the program read a question from a Facebook user asking Hillary Clinton if she would “hypothetically speaking” consider taking the position of the vice president. “It says hypothetically speaking, would you consider a vice president position,” And Hillary Clinton replied saying, Hypothetically speakinsaying. ”
When asked if she would consider a woman as her running mate,she said she would “consider the qualified people of whom we have, thankfully, in large number in the Democratic Party, because the most important choice is if something happens to the president, do you have full confidence that that person will step right in and do a great job for the country.” after saying this she also added “That’s the most important thing to me, and it doesn’t matter who that person is, if that’s what I believe about him or her.”
Clinton however has been under series of fire recently getting into trouble with her email and expecially the recent one showing how she(while she was Secretary of States) refused to take the offer of Muammur Qaddafi’s son, Saif’ to negotiate peace with America before is father was however killed seven month later