Clinton warns Ben Carson and Trump of ‘starting fires’ as they attack Muslims


Two leading Republican aspirants for the presidential 2016 elections have stoked flames by attacking Muslims living in America. Hillary Clinton warned them all to beware of starting afirethat they won’t be able to control.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump appearing on the Sunday chat shows harden their stances concerning the Muslims in America. Carly Fiorina, their closest rival and the only woman in the Republican race, has gained in the latest ratings by overtaking Ben Carson and eating up Mr. Trumps support.

Dr. Carson, who has never been elected to hold any political office, claimed that a Muslim should never be elected to be president in America since Islam was not that consistent with the constitution.

Asked whether he believed Islam was the major problem in America, the influential billionaire said,” We can always say no and be politically correct. However, I have never seen the Swedes returning and living after the World Trade Center bombings.”

“We have some fabulous Muslims living in America who have been fantastic. But if I was to comment ‘Oh no not at all,’ people will never believe me. ”

ben-carsonIt can be the right thing to say, I never care what the right thing to say is. Some of the Muslims and terrorism are everything else. So it is a problem. We can always say no- but it is.”