Clinton’s campaign: Sanders campaign stole our data

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Campaign manager of leading candidate of the Democratic party, Hilary Clinton has lashed out at the campaign team of major rival, Bernie Sanders, according to reports that the Sanders campaign team stole data from them.

Hillary Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook, accused the Sanders campaign of data breach he characterized as a multimillion-dollar theft aimed at making money off the front-runner’s voter files.

He said: “This was not an inadvertent glimpse into our data, it was not as the Sanders campaign has described it, as a mistake. They have, in fact, stored the data that they found on the file, data that belonged to us.”

“The Sanders campaign has tried to downplay what this means, so I want to be very, very clear: This was data that took millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours to build,” He continued telling reporters as the news broke out.

Sanders campaign admitted guilt and was suspended temporarily

The Sanders’ campaign admitted its staffers had inappropriately reviewed and saved Clinton campaign data made available as a result of a software error. The Democratic National Committee suspended Sanders’ access to the database, effectively crippling the recent progress made by the campaign.

Sanders fearing the huge repercussions on his presidential bid has gone on to sue the party in federal court on Friday night for breach of contract.

After much deliberations, the Sanders suspension was cancelled

Late Friday, after discussions with the Democratic National Committee and a federal judge, Sanders campaign will regain access to the national voter file, according to Politico. However, the Sanders camp would not be dropping its lawsuit.

Hilary campaign manager blatantly rejected the Sanders’ team efforts to make itself look like the victim of a DNC effort to help Clinton win. He said Sanders now has access to the “fundamental keys of our campaign and the strategic road map.” “They stole data as a reason to raise money for their campaign,” he said.

  • ctrl-z

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz has turned a data breach and one file of summary data into a great embarrassment for the whole party. Because she couldn’t resist an attack on the Sanders campaign she brought the press into a matter that should have been handled in-house. Her pro-Clinton bias, first seen clearly in the debate schedule, is now evident in every pronouncement she made against the Sanders campaign. She isn’t even-handed. She attacked a Democratic candidate and she made the party look bad. Then, to top it off, she ignored the contractual agreement with the candidates that stipulated no changes in data access would occur without 10 days notice. After a one day press frenzy and court filing she had to reverse her decision.

    She should step down. If she doesn’t she should be fired.