Clinton’s immigration plan is better than Trump’s, economists say

clinton and trump immigration plan

Immigration policy has been a hot topic ever since the primaries and, right now, on the verge of the general elections, the way in which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to approach this topic could weigh a lot!

According to the L.A. Times, the way the next president will deal with the millions of illegal immigrants will have a big impact on the U.S economy.

Immigration policies could have a huge impact in the next decade

“In terms of where the economy would be four years and 10 years from now, the real difference, the game changer between the two [presidential candidates] is immigration,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, cited by the above mentioned source.

The forecasting firm claims that Hillary Clinton as a more open-door position on immigration, which includes methods of offering citizenship for those who are living in the country illegally and increasing the amount of legal immigrants.

It’s also worth mentioning that if her solutions become reality, it would add about a quarter of a percentage point to gross domestic product growth annually. If this growth rate is maintained, $480 billion could be added to the economy, by 2026.

Will Trump keep his promise and deport all immigrants without legal forms?

On the other side, Donald Trump’s approach on immigration is completely different. It is well known that the Republican nominee is considering deporting all people who live in the United States without illegal forms.

Moody’s Analytics estimated that his policies would reduce inflation-adjusted GDP by almost half a percentage point by 2026, which translates to about $880 billion. These predictions were intensely criticized by Trump’s campaign, considering them biased.

  • Sam Osborne

    I love Trump’s immigrant misfits, I came of like people and so did my dear friends:
    I grew up a lucky Irish Catholic kid in an Iowa town with a large German Lutheran population of people who had come to find new lives there not much more than 20 years before my birth. The younger ones my age had grandparents and parents that still spoke German and little English—and for crying-out-kraut cakes they still had a worship service in German in place of our God given Latin with a bit of Greek.
    But like the Irish and others they sent their Germans sons and grandsons off to fight and die for our America in World War II and daughters became Rosy the Riveter in production plants or mother nature doing more of the chores on the farm. Meanwhile our Irish priest could spiel that Latin and Greek and a few other tongues and didn’t do too bad with English either.
    As a great and good African-American professor at the University of Iowa meaningfully said to me that he did not thinks of American as a melting pot but of our land as a very big bowl of Jambalaya with an array of very interesting and tasty bits of this and that worth so much to take in.
    But back before that in high school with German classmates that had come to public school after graduating from German school eighth grade we knew two things when we first met them: for a while we were not going to understand a damn thing they said, but in the end we had just met the valedictorian, and friends for life. These illegals Trump rants about are the endless blessing of which we have been and still can be together if we don’t’ get melted down to dross by Trump.

    • RETUSAF1995

      “Five Years Ago, The Federal Government Admitted That Illegal Aliens Had Raped 70,000 Women.”

      Illegal aliens have the support of the democrats. This is how it works, a illegal alien rapes someone is arrested, ICE/feds send down a detainer, hold this person for federal pick up, the state/city says no and allows illegal alien to bond out and now he disappears. 84% of illegal aliens don’t show up for their court dates. There are over 400 sanctuary cities in the US, do you think that number will increase or decrease if Hillary is elected?

      I don’t like people who do not obey the law. People here illegally makes it worst. All illegal aliens here are a support system for felon illegal aliens. Since Obama has been President over 40,000 Americans have been killed by illegal aliens. Alot more than ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban put together has killed.