Comparison of Two First Ladies – Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron


Both Brigitte Trogneux, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, and Melania Knauss, the wife of US President Donald Trump, are extraordinary and unique in their ways. Nevertheless, comparing them is inevitable, and this is exactly what the media around the world have been doing lately. The two first ladies are completely different, but, at the same time, have surprisingly many things in common.

Melania Trump vs. Brigitte Macron

1) Style. Both first ladies are very stylish and care quite a bit for fashion. Melania once said she wanted to become an icon of elegance, like Jackie Kennedy, while Brigitte has an impeccable taste and is extremely refined. She knows how to wear her years with pride and dignity, choosing a reserved outfit and at the same time being extremely chic. Both chose to wear the celestial pastel for the settlement ceremony. Macron wore a knee-length skirt by Louis Vuitton; Trump chose a Ralph Lauren dress with ton sur ton accessories.

barron melania trump and donald trump

2) 24 years of age difference with their husbands. Melania (47) and Brigitte (64) are linked by a curious coincidence. They both have 24 years of age difference with their husbands – only the former is younger, and the latter is older.

3) Political commitment. Lady Trogneux, brilliant, educated and intelligent, is always next to her husband in political battles, so Macron considers her a member of her entourage. The French President said that, without her, he would not have accomplished what he has accomplished. Read this 888 Casino review in Germany for more stories of success.

Melania is often considered a “non-frustrating wife”, able to step back and leave her husband at the center of the scene. For Trump, she is an ideal companion – she speaks only when she has to, she is very sweet, except when she has to defend her husband in public.

4) The meeting: Trogneux has been continuously attacked by the press for her

 “strange” relationship with Macron (39). He was a high school student when they met, and she was his teacher. Nonetheless, their love was strong and sincere. She left her first husband and three children and he challenged the parents’ opposition. The two were married in 2007. Now they are a very united family. 

The 7 nephews of Brigitte call Emmanuel “papi” or “grandfather”. Trump and Melania met in 1996 during the New York Fashion Week. She was a Slovenian model with a number of nude photoshoots behind her back. In 2004, the two officially engaged and, in 2005, married in Palm Beach. In 2006, their son, Barron William Trump, was born. Both marriages had a controversial start, and both were worth the effort and the wait.

5) The differences. Donald Trump once said about his wife: “She will make a fantastic First Lady. A great representative of women and of all people. ” However, now they seem distant and Melania’s unhappiness is almost palpable. Macron, on the other hand, does not leave Brigitte’s side, she gives him strength and stability.