Confident Jeb Bush says, “I will ‘whup’ Hillary Clinton”

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Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush says he’s confident he will whup Hillary Clinton if given the chance to be the GOP Presidential flag bearer in the coming US elections.
He made this claim on Thursday in Washington while speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential forum where all GOP Presidential hopefuls were scheduled to speak. He said this to an enthusiastic applause from the audience which comprises of people who have supported his presidential bid all along.
“Should I win the nomination, I will take it to Hillary Clinton and I will whup her” Bush announced to the approval of the audience.
Bush went further to explain why he thinks he is the perfect choice to occupy the hallowed presidential seat in the white house come 2016. In what pundits have described as an indirect swipe at forerunner co-aspirant Donald Trump, Bush maintained that the perfect candidate to become the next President of the United States should “have a servant’s heart” and should not “push people down”.
The audience took in all Bush said as they appeared to have an affection not only for Jeb Bush but the entire Bush family. Jeb Bush splashed in other humorous comments much to delight of the audience when he was asked about his parents, George H. W. and Barbara Bush.
Jeb responded by saying that the elderly Bush and the patriarch of the Bush dynasty was not watching CSI anymore and of course, Jeb Bush has it all figured out.
“He’s now watching Fox again trying to figure out Donald Trump, I think. That’s his main goal in life” Jeb Bush joked to loud cheers from the audience.
Despite struggling to pull his weight in the lead up to the 2016 US elections, Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has made it clear that his sight is still set on the general elections.