Congress Returns To Hefty List Of Unfinished Business

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The United States Congress has a long list of unfinished business to embark on. This time spring and summer have been contentious for the lawmakers. They are set to return on Tuesday and a lot of their issues will majorly focus on the relationship President Obama has with the Republicans.

Congress Unfinished Business

The lawmakers are also facing a stopgap bill which will ensure that the government is open even beyond September 30th. Other intractable issues are dealing with the long sought highway bill and a yearlong battle over urgency of budgets. Rep. Tom Cole said “It’s going to take a sense of give and take on both sides.”

The most burning issue currently is the Iran nuclear deal and the first days of Congress will address that. Republicans have reiterated that the deal makes many concessions to Tehran. On the other hand Democrats have rallied behind the president and have votes that will sustain Obama veto.

Another issue which awaits the Congress is the agenda on whether to increase borrowing authority of the government. The lawmakers will also send some tax breaks, renew the Federal Aviation Administration’s authority to spend some money and pass a defense policy. On the 24th of September the US Congress is also looking forward to an address by Pope Francis.

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