Courting Iowa evangelicals, Donald Trump’s latest strategy

donald trump in iowa

With less than two weeks until the Iowa caucuses, Republican Donald Trump is trying to attract as many voters as possible, his latest targeted group consisting in Iowa evangelicals, with, apparently, a big influence on the final results.

If they can do it, why wouldn’t Donald Trump do it?

While Ted Cruz, his main adversary, and doctor Ben Carson have already made their Christian faith clear, an issue that can motivate voters, Mr. Trump is now aware about the strength of Iowa evangelicals. According to Bloomberg, it will be very interesting to see if they’re willing to back-up a thrice-married man.

Donald Trump’s decision of relying on Iowa evangelicals comes after seeing the results from last month’s polls. Ted Cruz managed to surpass him, mostly due to this category of voters, so he wanted to try courting them as well.

Recently, Mr. Trump made two appearances in campuses know for being highly conservative when it comes to Christianity: the Oral Roberts University, from Tusla, Oklahoma, and the Liberty University, from Lynchburg, Virginia.

Even more, the Republican launched a new ad for radio, which will be playing in both Iowa and South Carolina, the latter being another important evangelical community.

An essential factor in the caucus result

Iowa evangelicals are traditionally an important component of the caucus vote. Bloomberg Politics conducted a poll this January and 57 percent of the voters said they attend church at least once per week. Also, back in December, more than 50 percent of the Republican caucus-goers claimed that they are evangelical Christians.

Only recently Mr. Trump started making religion an important part of his campaign, following the example of his fellow Republicans. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson took this one step further, making direct appeals to pastors and the results never ceased to appear, but if the strategy will also work in the Republican front-runner’s case is too early to tell.