David Vitter Congresman, a desire for both Republicans and Democrats

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The Louisiana governor’s race saw a exiting debate Tuesday night, with Senator David Vitter stealing all the spotlights. A lone “wolf” in the Senate, Vitter tangled with both Republicans’ and Democrats’ plans in recent years, so neither party would be sad to see him gone, says The New York Times.

Republicans are, apparently, his biggest fans

David Vitter has been a pain in the back for the Democrats in the Senate for years, pushing for politically charged votes, holding out on agreements, holding up bills and not seeming to care whom he has alienated in doing so, according to the same source. So there’s no wonder that they want him gone.

You may think that the party that helped him obtain a seat in the Senate would want Vitter to stay, but it seems that the Republican party wants even more than the Democrats for the Louisiana Senator to win the election on Nov. 21. Why is that? Let’s just say that David Vitter hasn’t had a very “tidy” past.

A past scandal could be brought up

Vitter was involved in a 2007 prostitution scandal after his phone number showed up on the log of the so-called D.C. Madam, confirms The New York Times. If the fuss didn’t bother him to much in 2010 when Vitter won re-election to the Senate, now things could take a different direction. His Democratic opponent, John Bel Edwards, is a strong adversary that could take advantage from this scandal.

With a loss here and his treasury all cleared up from the campaign, David Vitter would be unpredictable next year if he decides to run for Senate re-election. This is a thing Republicans can’t endure, as they see Louisiana a safe bet for years, one they can’t afford to gamble with when they already have their hands full with swing states around the country.