Decision 2016: Trump still ahead in recent CNN poll


Ahead of the 2016 presidential elections in the United states, front runner and billionaire businessman, Donald Trump holds a commanding, double-digit lead over Ted Cruz and the rest of the GOP presidential field, going by the results of the latest CNN/ORC National poll released Wednesday. Earning the same shares they received in last week’s Fox News poll, Donald Trump picked up 39 percent, while Ted Cruz took 18 percent.

A determined Trump

Trump has been a constant atop the polls since his ascent to the lead in July, and this new CNN poll marks the first time that Ted Cruz stands significantly apart from the other candidates vying for the nomination. Closely following behind them, are retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tied with 10 percent, who have slight decreased for both from the same survey conducted in late November and early December. According to the Politico, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie grabbed 5 percent, followed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 4 percent, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 3 percent, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 2 percent each, and all other candidates earning 1 percent or less. Just 1 percent said they had no opinion.

Ted Cruz still trailing Trump
There are concerns as what the year 2016 holds for the GOP candidates, especially the ones dominating the headlines within the Republican party.  Emerging signs in the poll shows that Cruz’s debate performance may have helped improve his appeal, though he remains well behind Trump. Ted Cruz gained ground on the front-runner on handling illegal immigration and ISIS, both a central focus of the debate’s questions, while Rubio and Carson faded on both issues. Cruz’s favorability rating has jumped 22 points among Republican voters since September, and he now holds the highest favorability rating among Republican voters of any of the seven candidates tested. According to CNN, Cruz has also posted the largest increase in favorability rating among all adults since September, climbing from 27% favorable in September to 45% now, an 18-point gain. Trump (+8) and Rubio (+14) posted smaller increases.