Obama revealed the decision on Keystone XL pipeline

barack obama keystone xl decision

The Keystone XL project was rejected by President Barack Obama on Friday. During Obama’s presidency, the Canada-to-Texas pipeline has been a very controversial subject, feeding a strong political fight.

Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the Keystone XL project isn’t in the country’s national security interest and President Obama agreed with him, says CNN. “America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change, and frankly, approving this project would have undercut that leadership,”, said Obama.

A seven-year issue was finally solved

Seven years have passed since project Keystone XL was created and it has been a war cause between oil companies and Republicans, on a side, and environmentalists and liberal activists, on the other side. The pipeline was supposed to cross 1200 miles and six states in the U.S and should have moved 800,000 barrels of carbon-heavy petroleum daily from Canadian through Nebraska to refineries in the Gulf Coast, according to the same source.

Obama’s decision regarding Keystone XL isn’t too surprising, as the President doesn’t want to depart from his environmental agenda. Barack Obama also announced on Friday that he’ll take part in Paris next month at a conference run by the United Nations on Earth’s climate. The main goal on the White House’s agenda is to broker an international comprehesion committing every country to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Republicans were expecting something else

“We know that human activity is changing the climate. We know that human ingenuity can do something about it. We’re even starting to see that we might actually have the political will to succeed. So the time to heed the critics and cynics is past. The time to plead ignorance is surely past. The deniers are increasingly alone, on their own shrinking island.”, said Obama during a visit to Alaska last summer, quoted by CNN.

Republicans, who were supporting Keystone XL project, declared themselves unhappy with Obama’s decision. “So sad that Obama rejected Keystone Pipeline, Thousands of jobs, good for the environment, no downside!”, tweeted Donald Trump.