Democrats are almost certain of a Clinton win!

clinton favorite to win

In less than 24 hours we will most likely find out who the United States’ next president will be, but it seems that Democrats are more than just confident in Hillary Clinton’s chances, while Republicans are reticent about Donald Trump’s odds of winning.

According to Politico, across 11 key states, 92 percent of Democratic voters expect Clinton to obtain a positive result, while just 59 percent of Republicans think that Trump will win their state’s votes.

Insiders are pointing to a Democratic president!

Overall, considering all the predictions coming from insiders, the electoral map is pointing to Hillary Clinton as the winner of the general elections. The former secretary of states is expected to score victories in Iowa, as well as other important states, like Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

“The fundamental dynamics here have never changed: Colorado’s combination of college educated voters, Latinos, and younger voters are deadly to Trump,” said a Democrat from the The Centennial State, who preferred to remain anonymous. “The race tightened post-Comey letter but has settled back into a small but significant Hillary lead.”

Things don’t change at all in Florida, where Democratic insiders also believe that their favorite candidate will win.

“Florida will be Florida. It will be close,” one of them said. “But with the surge of women and Hispanics, Florida should be with her.”

Will Trump manage to win Florida?

On the other side, GOP supporters believe that Donald Trump will exploit the momentum he has here and surprise everybody with the result.

“The Comey letter was a game-changer for Trump. He has also been extremely disciplined the last two weeks,” said a Republican. “That has allowed traditional Republicans to come home. He will run up the score in North Florida and red strongholds like Southwest Florida.”

Finally, when it comes to Iowa, both parties see the state going Republican, despite Barack Obama’s consecutive wins here.