Democrats pushing for the Anti-Abortion Group heat to Testify at the Hearings

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The Democrats on Monday called for the Chief of the United States anti-abortion group who has been responsible for the undercover videos slamming the Planned Parenthood to come and testify together with the women’s healthcare organization during next week’s hearing.

The hearing which has been set for Sept 29th in the House of Representatives is most likely set to draw lots of attention since it will take place a day before the end of the deferral fiscal year when the United States most likely might run out of money.

However, the conservative Republicans are already threatening to shut down the US government in case the already Planned Parenthood federal funding is not cut off.

In a letter addressed to Jason Chaffetz, the Chairman of the Republican House Oversight Committee, 18 Democratic representatives have stated they want David Daleidennow 26 years old and an anti-abortion activist who was behind the formation of the center and even produced the videos to attend the hearing.

In case the Republicans fail to add Daleiden to the hearing testimony list, the Democrats revealed in the letter, they will have to invite Daleiden to appear at a separate Democratic hearing scheduled for the same day.