Democrats shared states in yesterday’s primaries

democrats kentucky and oregon

Everybody was curious about yesterday’s Democratic primaries, in Kentucky and Oregon, as front-runner Hillary Clinton was in a big need of a victory, in order to secure her position. On the other side, her competitor, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, was also trying to obtain a positive result, exploiting the momentum he gained after his last series of wins. Still, Tuesday doesn’t have a big winner!

Clinton almost lost Kentucky!

The two Democrats shared the states, as Hillary Clinton won Kentucky in the last minute, with just half a percentage point over Bernie Sanders. This is a very curious aspect, considering that back in 2008, when she faced Barack Obama in the Bluegrass state’s primary, the difference was way bigger: 35 percentage points!

As for Oregon, Mr. Sanders had no trouble at winning it, according to CNN Politics, maintaining his optimism and promising that he will keep positions, campaigning “until the last ballot is cast”, despite pressure from the Democrats to suspend his bid.

Despite the win, Hillary Clinton was definitely not happy with the result. This is proven by her decision to avoid appearing in public after the results of yesterday’s primaries were announced. Still, she did thanked her supporters on Twitter, saying that “we’re always stronger united.”

Main target: The Golden State

Even though there are a few primaries left, the Democrats will now focus on the most important of them all, from California, scheduled for June 7, where 475 delegates will be available. Also, New Jersey, with 126 delegates at stake, is another target for both candidates.

Currently, Hillary Clinton is leading the race, with 2,291 delegates, needing less than 100 in order to be officially nominated. As for Senator Sanders, he’s way behind the former Secretary of State, with 1,528 delegates. Still, everything could change if Hillary Clinton’s super delegates, who promised to vote for her, change their mind.