Did Space Aliens Save Us From Nuclear War? Apollo Astronaut Says So

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Did Space Aliens Save Us From Nuclear War? Apollo Astronaut Says So

The subject of UFOs brings out the best and worst in people. It’s a topic that will often deteriorate into the worst examples of name calling, threats, insults, and just juvenile nonsense, so when a respected scientist, national hero, astronaut, and doctor claims that space aliens have been intervening with humanity, it justifiably raises eyebrows.

In this latest UFO story, one that has been told before several times but not gained mainstream attention, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the Moon told a newspaper, the Mirror, that he knows that peaceful space aliens have visited Earth to prevent nuclear war between the United States and the former Soviet Union, now Russia.

Even with his credentials, anyone bringing up the subject of space aliens normally gets a bigoted response from the media that involves ridicule and character assassination. In Dr. Mitchell’s case, he’s been given a rare modicum of respect regarding his theories which opens the door for further investigation.

Dr. Mitchell offered no irrefutable proof of his claims, only second hand and third hand accounts of those in the military that he stated he’d interviewed over the years. Another case of ‘investigation by interrogation’, that leaves far too much to be desired. Had Mitchell offered up even the smallest tidbits of something professionals could grab onto and use the scientific method to pursue, he would have a rather solid tale to tell.

The United States has investigated UFOs since the 1940s and unfortunately has played a cat and mouse game with the public regarding the issue. Documents, eyewitnesses of exceptional credentials in both military and intelligence community areas have stated that the government has engaged in coverups, character assassination, and general attacks against some who reported UFO incidents. This is now common knowledge thanks to the internet and the Freedom of Information Act, but it wasn’t always so. In the early 1950s the United States did in fact state that their investigations concluded that some UFOs (then also called Flying Saucers) were of interplanetary origin. This was in an official report called The Robertson Panel. Most UFOlogists and public overlook this but it shows the government did disclose the information that for decades the public and conspiracy theorists have denied. Not only did they disclose it in that report, but they also sponsored a movie called “UFO: The Secret Of The Flying Saucers” that actually had the real top military brass who did the initial investigations and the movie concludes with the disclosure that flying saucers were of extraterrestrial origin, but were of no threat to national security.

Things got confusing after that, but the Robertson Panel report clearly explains why government wanted the public to back off from the UFO issue. They clearly wrote in print that they were worried that if the public pursued UFO issues the resources of the country would be overwhelmed. That assets and resources geared for the military industrial complex and law enforcement would be allocated to UFO reports and such. Basically, the UFO issue would throw a monkey wrench into the goals of the military industrial complex aka war money.

So if Dr. Mitchell is going to make such a statement, he’s got to back it up with solid evidence, not just opinions and anecdotal stories. To his credit, however, there are a small number of official reports of UFOs in and around nuclear facilities where even nuclear weaponry and systems were nullified by these craft. Nothing further of any solid nature has come out from those encounters, but they did happen.

  • JS353535

    The Pleiadians do suggest they did in fact stop a nuclear war and reduce nuclear activity in our past: http://www.lordemmanuelthegreat.com/shop/Spiritual+Truths+E-Books/Your+History+Revealed+-+Suzanna+Maria+Emmanuel.html