Does Bernie Sanders Still Have It?


Does Bernie Sanders Still Have It?

With the news media still focusing primarily on Hillary Clinton regarding the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders is still fighting for due recognition and some say he’s losing ground to Clinton and her controversies.

That may or may not be the case because of the varying poll numbers but it’s a good idea to look at where Sanders is and why.

Sanders came up from the ground floor and took the Democratic world by storm. He garnered tons of public interest with his no nonsense attacks on government corruption and Republican shenanigans. Sanders is the only ‘people’s candidate’ to come along since JFK and that bristles the news media that is run by the corporations that are Republican owned.

Clinton is obviously the spotlight candidate for the media and they follow her like a pack of wolves. The public noticed this and where the mainstream media failed, the alternative media and the internet quickly picked up the slack. Sanders dominates on the web. It’s due to the fact that he’s tackling issues the people are most concerned with regarding health and overall best interests of the common folks.

That flies in the face of the mainstream politicians who exist on deal making and dragging their feet to make sure they keep their bottom line strong by making compromises with big industry. Sanders doesn’t play that tune and he’s not only matched Hillary dollar for dollar but in some areas has surpassed her in financing and attendees to his rallies. The sheer volume of people showing up to support Sanders threw the mainstream media and the politicos for a loop. Sanders no longer looked like some novelty but a real threat to the Democratic status quo.

Sanders’ approach to the human condition makes the rest of the candidates, both Democrat and Republican look weak in comparison by several orders of magnitude. He does go off the boards at times making promises that are just too unrealistic to achieve, but his heart is in the right place and he’s proven he can get things done that others fail at.

The other candidates are making news via controversial statements and government investigations. All the ingredients that make for saucy news which is another reason the spotlight hits them instead of Sanders. No one is interested in headlines that don’t have some sort of gossip or controversy, especially when it comes to politics.

To his credit however, Sanders does know how to spark interest, and he’ll bide his time until the nomination comes to the fore. Then we’ll see Sanders do some serious pulpit thumping to bring his points home, and the competition will be hard pressed to match his intellect and logic.