Donald Trump is already ignoring his rivals!

donald trump in indiana

Even though there are still a few weeks left until the Republican nominee will be announced, front-runner Donald Trump is already considering himself the winner and wants the primaries to be over as soon as possible.

According to NBC News, besides assuming the official title of Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump also wants to start raising funds for the GOP and its down-ballot race.

Somebody loves the GOP now!

“It’s really important that we win because, if we win, you know, we want to raise money for the party,” he said at a rally Sunday. “We want to do — raise money for the senate races and for the congressional races and do a lot of things.”

This is a very surprising statement, considering that Donald Trump is well known for self-funding his campaign and protesting against the Republican National Committee’s delegate system and nominating rules.

During an event in Indiana, with just a few days before the state’s primary, the businessman said that he’s currently “wasting time” with competitors like Ted Cruz and John Kasich, who currently have 0 chances at winning the nomination.

Trump also made several promises to women, during the same event. “Nobody will be better to women and nobody will be better to women’s health issues — a big thing — than Donald Trump,” he said. “That I can tell you. Nobody.”

Apparently, this approach to female voters helped him in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland, so there’s not surprising at all that he gave it one more shot.

No event without a Clinton attack!

Finally, Donald Trump couldn’t help himself and made a reference at Hillary Clinton, linking her to the current situation in Iraq.

“How stupid are we?” Trump asked when mentioning the foreign policy decisions related to the Middle East. “I said when we left [Iraq], we shouldn’t have been in, but when we left I could see it was a crooked government. In fact, Hillary could have run the government. Crooked, it works for her. No, it was a crooked government. That’s where we should put Hillary.”