Donald Trump and Mitt Romney are meeting this weekend

mitt romney and donald trump

President-elect Donald Trump won’t have a quiet weekend, as he’s preparing to meet with 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, one of his fiercest critics.

Bringing the GOP together again

According to CNN, the two are planning to discuss “governing moving forward” , as well as a potential role for Mr. Romney in the upcoming Trump Cabinet. However, CNN’s source declined to mention what position the Republican could occupy.

After receiving the big news, Donald Trump started meeting with several Republicans who didn’t support his candidacy, trying to reunite the GOP. After all, it is well known that the party was seriously divided even from the primaries.

An old rivalry, coming to an end?

Still, back to his upcoming meeting with Mitt Romney, it is expected to be a starting shift in their relationship. Back in 2012, Trump endorsed him, but eventually characterized him as a failure, after losing the general elections to Barack Obama. Like expected, Romney returned the ‘favor’ claiming several times that Trump was not qualified to occupy the spot in the Oval office.

Of course, we can’t forget the moment from March, when Donald Trump was still not sure about him being the GOP’s nominee, was characterized as a “con man,” a “phony” and “a fraud” by Mitt Romney. Also, he refused to endorse him in the general election, continuing to criticize the businessman, but, in the end, he did call him to congratulate him on the victory.